Why risk a new brand when you can jump-start a legendary one?

At Jump Start Foods, we specialize in making long-standing brands new and exciting again. We use our years of experience to research, revive and relaunch legacy brands back into the marketplace. Join the Jump Start revolution!

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We give our customers what they want.

“I have been grieving the loss of Hoffman House Cocktail Sauce for 2 years. I finally found it reinvented by Jump Start Foods at Woodman’s Foods in Madison and bought a dozen bottles!”

“I just found Hoffman House Shrimp & Seafood Sauce at the Piggly Wiggly Store in Poynette, WI!!!! Do you know how much this means to Me?? Was my late Wife’s & My Favorite Shrimp Sauce! I was told by Woodman’s Foods that it was sold & discontinued by the buyer. I hope it will be marketed in all of WI!!!”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! So missed our shrimp sauce, thank you for bringing it back.”

“Thank you for bringing the Hoffman House Cocktail Sauce back!!! I was so excited to see it back that I yelled in the grocery isle! Made my day, no my year!”