Our owners are just as crazy about our sauces.

Jump Start Foods was in fact,  jump-started by Dave Allen and Ted Kranick in the spring of 2020. Seasoned food marketers and brand opportunists, Dave and Ted each bring over 30 years of food industry experience to the table. They have expertise and experience across a wide range of well known brands, selling to all major distribution channels.  Just as importantly, they keep the consumer front and center in everything they do.

They are well-respected industry veterans who still believe there is fun to be had and opportunities to be grown -by relaunching legendary brands whose potential has been neglected by large food corporations.

Our Mission

To reconnect loyal customers with classic brands and to have fun doing it!

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Meet Dave Allen & Ted Kranick!

Dave Allen

Dave and Ted have known each other for years. The two food industry professionals both moved to Green Bay in the early 90’s, raised their families in Wisconsin and never looked back.  In early 2020, they decided to start a new venture with a mission to focus on classic food brands they both loved.

“We knew consumers were as passionate about Hoffman House and Bennetts as beer, brats and cheese” claimed Ted.  “The nostalgia of classic brands has a way of making people feel good.  And both these brands have been taste tested for generations” added Dave.

We truly appreciate our loyal customers and look forward to adding more brands to our growing portfolio.

Ted Kranick