Spice up your life with Bennetts Original Chili Sauce.

Sloppy Joes, fried chicken, you name it – Bennetts Original Chili Sauce will take your dinner and recipes to a whole new level of smooth tangy taste. An east -coast original, Bennets is now available throughout the midwest and is a staple in every pantry.

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Tastes like homemade,
without the making part.

If you ask any loving mom what the secret sauce was for her sloppy joes, fish frys, meatloafs or any other family classic recipe, chances are it was Bennett’s Original Chili Sauce. Bennett’s had the home-made taste that customers craved for generations. It had the perfect blend of authentic spices without the ketchupy after-taste. And still does! We haven’t changed anything and are excited to get the brand back into the recipes of our loyal customers. Our Original Chili Sauce is also Kosher!

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Bennett’s History

Born over 50 years ago in Baltimore MD, Bennett’s was not only an icon at the dinner table, but an iconic landmark in the city, thanks to Recipe Foods owner and entrepreneur, Theodore Marks. Marks elevated this legendary brand by creating a memorable billboard above his food plant. The artwork showed a woman sniffing a steaming bowl of chili with actual steam supplied by the vents from his factory.

Bennett’s went on to become a national brand with a line of sauces and salad dressings.

Bennetts Original Chili Sauce Recipes